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We just want to know a little more Than yesterday Roam the spine of history  And burn the heart of hate Give our country back to the lovers That stand alone We just want to know a little more
I don't say much except  Thanks for the juice I don't need much except Thanks for the juice Proof is written in the stars Thanks for the juice The drive to survive and what's fuel inside
There was a man who ventured off to pillage and to rape Gluttons had consumed their home though they left not to escape Greeted on the shore by people he called lovely
I liked learning. I didn't care if it were Math or Science. I didn't care whether it was all about Entrepreneurship. All I wanted to do was put all these informations in my head for future use.
Head down on the desk as the people around judge by what they see. The day she came along an held my hand I was ready for a change. Broken and beaten to the core I let everything take me down a dark road.
Find YOURSELF Place a foundation of POSITIVITY Add a abundance of
Worthier than emerals and gold is knowledge. You may ask, "do I only obtain this in college?" You may, although is a long and treacherous process that later becomes known as  wisdom .
The words you use are like a sharp knife Piercing the flesh of a human life Maybe this time they'll just take it or Maybe this time they just won't make it Wish they would understand their power
I sat upon a hill and looked out at the wide expanse before me, Rich green grass covered the earth beneath me, and an honest Blue sky stretched out endlessly People walked, and ran, and laughed, and spoke, and sang
I contend not with men and their rhetoric, but with self and its defiance to the greatness that is alive in me.
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