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Uriella, we’re slowly drifting apart. Tell me, what’s on your mind? You’re in my arms this moment, But your thoughts seem to be so far away. Who’s getting your attention? There’s no one else here besides us.
It’s late, and I’m coming down with a cold, Or something of the sort. I should be sleeping, But I’m not ready And yet, I don’t want to be awake either. Can I just stop existing for a little while?
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I drift from this life to the next Floating from one wave to the next
Windows down, smoke rolling in The rumble of 800 horses ringing my ears Sideways is where I choose to steer It would make me feel complete With so much torque at my feet Drifting, is the dream that I seek
I don't own a lot of things all i have are these set of strings i played my way through the southern streams
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