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I don't know what I'm doing.  I don't know where I'm at. I don't know where I'm heading, And I don't know who I am. The earth beneath me is spinning;  I am here and now I'm not. 
you don't have to be mine but i want to be yours break down your barred arms and unlock your chest's doors let me find myself in your eyes and smile into your neck it burns where you touch me
I never know what's right and wrong Why should I venture there? Where mystery has full control Where pain begins its stare
  As a child your life is spinning, out into this world you find yourself lost on a merry go round.  
Five and six, seven, eight My body’s bruised; it’s getting late ‘Spin’ As the pole falls my smile slips But on I go, I cannot quit   Step, together, step once more
i need to freeze this plane and travel to a parallel plane and then return and pick up life where i left it when i'm ready hibernation but when you hibernate the world keeeps up spinning
We spin and We twirl Preforming is what we do  Smiling at the crowd
I and Pi personify and roll the die on you and I; We think, we speak, we spin, we creak, the beat is 2-pi, you and I, you-I, you-I, you-I, you-I, you-I
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