A different perspective

I never know what's right and wrong
Why should I venture there?
Where mystery has full control
Where pain begins its stare

I'm lost at sea, far gone afloat
Till tipping off the edge
I'll surely fall, I promise not
To live until the end

The story, mine, shall just proceed
With no need for connection
From past phrases gone amiss
Due to present attraction.

Habits and affinities
are jumbled all in one;
Dreams and hopes and promises
Forgotten on the run

Clinging to another,
Yet clinging to myself,
Clinging to history's full doubt,
I've lost all mental health.

My brain chases in circles
As it watches the dance go by
The frantic, panting, moving colors
Torn against the sky

I watch the clouds come down
To muffle out the storm
But they only serve to witness
The clouds to life conform

The thunder rumbles though,
The lightning striking fast,
Sending me back through time
Remembering what I said last

And how I didn't keep it
How I told a lie
How I shielded fellow friends
To protect them from my try

My attempts to save the humbled
The meek, the poor, the low,
Came to no fruition
Just as I had always known

I try to understand my life
My family, friends, and key
To discern, to help, and grow
But I end up just being me.


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