let it go

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"You don't know how to let go." Right you are, I have been lost in the dip of your throat, the curve of your mouth, the feel of your skin.   I have been drenched in the past,
He had been poison in her veins And she was insanity to his brain They made each other sick Whether it was the with love kind Or felt bonded to a contract they'd signed Knotted by promises
I've felt so distant lately With so much on my mind I've wanted to talk to you But I never found the time But now I am ready Ready to lay it down  
I am running, Forever it seems, From a past I am running from memories Memories that cause pain Memories that I wish had never happened
when it's over let it go no matter how many efforts one tries how many times one tries to work it out if it doesn't work let it go goes back to being true to oneself
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