I am running

Mon, 05/20/2013 - 14:59 -- keh111


United States
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I am running,
Forever it seems,
From a past
I am running from memories
Memories that cause pain
Memories that I wish had never happened

I am running from mistakes
From the sight of you
A sight that takes me back to places we've been
I am running from that bench we shared, that place we shared
I am running from the things you said

I am running from the constant torture
The things I said,
The feeling of your hand in mine
And I’m getting tired
But I am still running

I am running
Until I find peace
Until the memories no longer hurt
I am running
To comfort
To a place where I can forgive
To a place where I can forget
I am running
I am running to Him.



By Him do you mean God? Because if so, I agree. Love this poem. I've been working out a lot lately to try and forget an ex boyfriend, so I took this awesome poem quite literally!

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