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Take it off Put it on Change the wig Ugh, now thats too long Snap clip That was one to many snips Now it's too far gone The convention is in a month Yet my costume is in a frump
Ode to the Nerd.
I"m flawless when it comes to cosplay My hair is perfection and my makeup is stunning My skin is a smooth as ever not a bump to be seen My waist line as small as I can get it to fit that exact character
Who decided that our skin was tainted Anything that isn't light and innocent Light and free Is an enemy to purity   The skin is what decides who we are Even when you try to take on another skin
Its almost magical. This thing called cosplay. Dressing up. Putting on a wig. Doing the make-up. Having a photoshoot. Its my way of expression, To be someone else,
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