Ode to the Nerd

Ode to the Nerd. To the kid who sits during P.E. classes drawing dragons despite the demons dancing in his head. To the girl who sacrificed 3 nights of sleep to reach level 78. For the ones who wore nerd glasses before it was cool. To the ones with the comic books still in the protective sleeve. Ode to the dorks, dweebs, doofuses; to the twerps. Before the Revenge of the Nerds, before Big Bang Theory, before movie franchises. To the ones who were not blessed with wonderful wizarding gifts who instead make magic with mere muggle tools like pencil and paper. For the Narutards, Whovians, Treckies, Batmaniacs, Sherlockians, the Potterheads. You spent lonely hours searching for deadpool, deadbeat dad was never around so you wrapped a Harry potter cloak around yourself like a second skin, tried to become invisible. But you are no mere mortal. You are super. When Frodo carried that ring across mountains and valleys you were with him. You are the force. It was you who braved the wedgies,noogies, and merciless taunts but it is the meek who will inherit the earth. And you may not have earned your wings yet but your power levels are over 9000. You who has no Kryptonite. Sage of Six paths, you level libraries with one almighty push. You suffered through itchy colored contacts and tight spandex to portray authentic cosplay characters. You traded a social life for a virtual life because who needs popularity when you can have a tail, a chariot, and a pet phoenix. Ode to the tilt of your glasses. The lisp lazing on your tongue. Your brain brimming with useless but interesting facts that fall off your lips like precious jewels not yet valued by mere commoners who brush you off as the disturbed kid, the freak, the loser. So you trade this world of teen wrath for the forgiving world of warcraft, and rule kingdoms. So don’t ever let them tell you that you are not royalty. You are not of this universe so do not project your anger upon them. The best heroes are the ones not appreciated. So don your cape and your tight spandex and your itchy contacts and bear the weight of the world on your shoulders. For with great power comes great responsibility.

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