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I had never had a best friend I couldn't ever understand the concept friends that were the "best" were the ones that left and that was something I just..couldn't.   So I let go of the thought
Waking up is never my choice I would prefer to stay in my dreams Where you are with me  and not miles away   I wake to the ding of my phone But I know it brings traces of you
Imitation stars.Bright lights for a shadow heart.Wonder where the imitation starts And he begins.
When I used to look in the mirror, I would see A girl who struggled, but yet was sometimes pretty. I struggled with my relationship with my family. Although they clothed, fed, housed, and spoiled me,
Oneida says she's out of timefor mining lies from crooked mindsand spending nights     beneath strange blanketsstreet-to-street, tab at a time.
It seems that time must fly
If you could walk a mile in their shoes would you want to Take one step then take a few Look at the people who surround you Would you even understand you Are there things you'd like to undo
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