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I smile, I laugh and I cry, but who am I? I eat, I walk and I jump, but who am I? I dance, I sing and I sleep, but who am I? I talk, I shout and I bath, but who am I?
Gray tinted skin With splotchy pink cheeks Ashy peppered hair, Sprinkled under soft stars Cracked tired lips, Blue from the frost Wisped breath Flowing, churning,
You have sadly thrown your life away You are drowning in misery Poor decisions have been made on your part As a result of hanging around bad company You need to wake up And take your life back
All of my poems are about you  I am not allowed to cry anymore  I have cried too much already  So now the sky is crying for me the weather is cold.  I used to get a bit sad when it would rain, 
Once upon a time There laid a beast who hid herself all too well oh my, oh dear, oh Cinderella She was the wickedest of them all but her beauty veiled her perfectly well However, I've seen her true naure
When it's dark deep inside, there's no point to hide since he brightens me up like the sun in a gloomy time.
Across the scarlet horizon she stares, Her motivation gone, she no longer cares. Closer and closer to the edge she creeps, “He doesn’t love me. He doesn’t want me,” is all she speaks.
The night is like a shining mask. Dark,mysterious, and full of lights. We both hear the howling wolves getting eager to be satisfied. A cricket in the dark brings comfort to the ears on a glooming night. Raw night just waiting to be heard.
I strived for perfection Finally perfect my look in the reflection Just like that the mirror cracked Broken once more Pieces to be picked up And reassembled So tired of trying to reconstruct
 I lie here not knowing if I’m awake or asleepI quickly open my eyes to realize the reality I once knew no longer existI no longer existA darkness now consumes me
Just shut up! Please, be quiet! For the love of humanity, of God, (the one you refuse to believe in), SHUT UP!
She was 15 when she left for good. A one up for the death toll in the hood. Mother tried to warn her that he was no good. A fleeting moment became the end for her.  
The weather is gloomy. It hangs in the air, Its unpredictable patterns, Remind me of someone that I hold dear, My best friend is this way, It’s sad to think that she is hurt and unhappy,
Nights transformed to months; the rain to floods. A brooding storm, bleak and somber. The darkness of night heaving its overwhelming presence, echoes eminating from hollow walls. As still as the stars,
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