good morning

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Good morning Light in the sky Come to wake My sleeping eyes How are you This day bright Never did I Know such might
Exhaustion seeps into my bones, The crisp morning chill sends daggers through my veins  But I fight it, urging myself to leave my bed of cotton and clouds
i am the burried treasure found centuries after being hidden away under blankets of rubble. my eyes decorated with rings of purple and blue from a soundless slumber, evidence of a sleep still needed to be had.
Good Morning, cruel world! Because even though this world Is very cruel, I still wake up, I still live here, Don't I! I am determined to make a difference. Even though it may be a small one.
Good mourning Father, It was a great mourning that I had And I thank you for it.   It began my journey to you opening my eyes and now it’s morning time and I’m still thinking of you
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