finding healing

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After a long road and crossing the burning sands,  I had a sit down with fate,.. I cried that it wasnt in the plan, the decision was final,  there was no escape, an opponent I have avoided and always feared,
Why do we do the things we do, why do we care about who is who? I got my start many years ago, for expressing my feelings in a poem was the only way to go. Suffering the loss of my mother,
It’s that punched in the stomach about to throw up stressed out kind of feeling That way they looked at you made your skin crawl kind of feeling That kiss you never saw coming and by the time you realized what was happening
you are more than the dust in the wind, greater than the tears on your face, braver than the lingering fear in your heart, more beautiful than the sigh inside your soul. you are more, beloved,
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