A Magical Night

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Oh how beautiful the sky is tonight. How marvelous it is with it's soft light! The stars are poking out of the inky blackness And I wonder just how far from me they rest.  The moon, so full and round,
Above us, stars. Beneath us, constellations.  Five billion miles away, a galaxy dies like a snowflake falling on cold water. Below us, a farmer feels the chill of that death and flips on his yard light.
Twenty-second hour, 
The grass is green and the sun is bright The brightest of days still end in night The sun goes down to raise the moon The stars will come and be shining too In the forest an owl will wake
walking back and forth, the dawn fades in and out, rosy cheeks for a deep red sky, reflecting every feeling, of love and hurt, fear and anticipation, feet sinking into the moistened sand as they walk along,
It is time for me to break off your grip It is time for me to speared my wings  It is time for me to fly through the night with freedom guiding my flight   
Black and blue colorsof the dark huesof the night sky.Twinkling, glittering starssprayed all around the skylike art on canvas.Blurry reflectionon the river water of amagnificent moon.
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