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Do You Ever Have … " Those Meetings " … That Somehow Leave You Feeling … That Something of … DEEP MEANING … Was REVEALED Within That Meeting … ?!?
The Kaffeeklatch It's 9AM on a Monday. The Grey haired seniors gather at the same ol' coffee shop, wearing their varied camouflage, sports, and veterans hats.
It’s been a long time, more than I’d care to admit, that I felt like this. Afraid because the last time I was hurt. The last time I was let down. Last time made me fearful of sharing myself.
He swears and curses in the rain. He is known for his remarkable brain. Others’ problems he is known to drain. So he can’t comprehend, How his problem is driving him to his end.  
I met you when I was young  And reckless I ran to you when I felt dumb And headless You forced me to paint pain into progress As I progressed from someone who scribbled words
Outlandish tasks Scribbled passionately One: To meet the infamous Ms. Oprah Winfrey. As a puppy waits for Owner to return,
The last day before your good Goodbye I do hope to see you one more time Dreamt of the time to pass and say Hi
We always say "Hi" And it comes with a smile We always say "Hi" But yet to say "Goodbye"
On the first night of our secret meeting we can ran wild like the wind. Just you and I and the moon. The moon shined so bright it rivaled the sun. Our sun, your light, my fire.
These eyes have wandered upon you, darting back and forth hoping that you'd notice.
Stepping to the beat dancing in the silence swaying in the stillness standing in the storm step by step walk the walk talk the talk trail the sidelines crossing pathways
  He wasn’t the first, and wouldn’t be the last. Once again I put my heart on the line. I didn’t think about what you would go through, I wanted him, I needed him.   Within two weeks I was alone again,
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