Music Education

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I am not deafI do know some signIf my hearing ever failedI'd learn to get by I love musicI love to rhymeI cannot keep a beatBut I know I can keep time. 
I believe in life's musical staff I believe that life is one beautiful composed piece The stages of life are the lines and spaces of the musical staff As the music plays on
Still Silence-the single moment before hearts are poured into these wordless starless notes and keys and rhythms are our language
I CANNOT GO WITHOUT MY OBOE by James Hamilton-Lugo It's going to snow?   In case the roof caves in, where's my oboe? I don't care about products in my hair I just need my oboe for my flare
In a mind where there's no rest  In a body to the test  You only need to close your eyes It's not you you have to despise   All there is is music You can never choose it  In a mind so misused 
Let's take a guy - hey, let's call him Joel.   Joel's a jock. You know Joel; big guy, beefcake, brawny. Brainless? Maybe. More like motionless.  
Broken in sadness I play the keys silently Modulate for me
One Job, Just oneCould potentially change my lifeOne such an insignificant numberCould change someone’s life?My life would no longer be a slumberI would no longer have to dream or even be some man’s wife
I sat watching the snow, freshly laid on the cold, soppy ground, grass flattened like a callous on a toddler’s head, shining and glistening white and yellow, gazing at the snow and dead grass,
My dream job is to inspire. I know I will have to perspire. My words will be fuel for the creative minds of tomorrow's children,
Music Simple, sophisticated Liberates, emotes, stimulates Presentation, spotlight, factotum, selflessness Encouraging, caring, understanding Fearless, indelible Educator
Don't smile until Christmas. Those who can't "do" teach.  It doesn't matter what you do.  The world is going downhill anyway. Kids just don't care.  
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