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There's barbed wire wrapped, Around my soul. Like puppet strings, That others pull. I march to the beat, Of my family's drum. And fear for my sanity, Which I know is gone. 
I wish You really cared Not the lies  You constantly  Told me  But the sad thing is I still believe  Every single one  After all this time 
Once upon a time Life was perfect  There were no mountains to climb
Who are you, When I'm not looking? How much does my love mean, If yours doesn't match it?
Why is this world filled with hate? Why those who you love be taken away? Why some of those who claimed to be good show hate? Is this fate? Or a mistake? Why is peace not revealing itself?
so now I await  this awful fate  to drown in a flood  of innocent blood  to choke on reality  because it was too much for me  so now, I wait  for this awful fate  of a red tidal flood 
blades blunt  and people break men will hunt  we make mistakes   preyed on runts  its them we forsake we're just the grunts  and we work for snakes  who we should confront 
"If I was invincible  Instead of invisable I would turn the tables Beacuse you made the labels That said I wasn't vision-able Like I'm hanging from a cable Because the world around ain't stable."
I'll never understand why you needed her
I say what i feel, i try to be real, no one knows how i feel inside. 
Why can every race be racist but the race that provokes the most racism. Blacks. Well African American is the proper term, but who's  "proper" anymore?
  These walls are too white These lights are too bright What am I doing with my life?   I could be out there In the warm summer air Where has my courage gone?  
If I had the chance to do something new,
The city is a misunderstood wonderland 
We’re told that “good grades” guarantee us a successful future No matter how many hours of sleep we had to sacrifice to earn that “A+” We’re told that the amount of extracurricular activities we list on our college apps
Victim's Body's Response to Abuse: Voice please speak and help me out! "I can't when your head is full of doubts."
    Why do people abuse others?  
Why can one man make you feel useless? Why can one insult ruin a perfect day? Why do I get up? Why wouldn't I get up? Why does he have the right to put me down in the first place? Why do I think he doesn't?
Never Have I Ever Told My Teacher To Shut It. It would have been nice to place them on mute. Matter of fact, the school system could give them the boot.
I never thought,  I never questioned,  I never wondered- When you are young  You do not think about the consequences.
It's funny.   I wanted this I wanted this so badly, For you to leave me To give my heart a healing chance. But now that you did, I have yet to wonder Why am I still so sad?
How did you see me? Was it the color upon me? There is nothing different about this faceless creature So now I ask
Why do we write? To tell others of the sorrows we go through as people? To share with the world how high and mighty we show ourseleves to others but deep down we sore lower then the ground itself? 
  My words flow on paper,the stress loses its leash. Allowing me to be vulnerablewithout the lost of dignity. The pen and the paperbecomes the doctor.
Hate will eat you up And twist your tongue Will cloud your sight A bitter feeling that seeps And creeps inside your heart And makes a once young girl Grow old
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