the man

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texas,don.g.nutt,59.poem,tender lover,tender to you all about you pretty sexy an cute choosen to be your lover lover like shabba ranks mine not blank the love you can imagine i can out thank  tender lover to you for you mourning noon day an night
  I had my head in the clouds. My happiness was noticeable as I spoke out loud. I hadn’t told anyone in particular.
They say life is a gift, That love bridges the rifts, They say 'follow your dreams', They ask you to come clean.   But what if life is greedy and shallow, Driven by heads and hearts that are hollow,
Bitch! You have no right to stand there and be modest. Who do you think you are, comming round here trying to own it all. This world is not yours baby girl. I control everything you do, From the way you do your hair, to the way you sip your tea Im...
We don’t need ipads We don’t want gates   The football team doesn’t need all the funding I don’t care that green symbolizes the author’s hate You tow our cars   We need books
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