rise up

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You know? I'm tired of lighting the world with tiny glowing screens. I'm tired of fake men, women, and all those inbetween who don't know how to turn on Goddamned light but have the audacity to complain about the dark.
It’s an odd thing to be asked, “Where are you from?” Our mind holds thousands upon millions of memories and ideas that help us determine everyday things.
A flower made of fire Was consumed by fear And went up in smoke.   "Kick down the walls, Open the window, Let the light shine in. Embrace the way your soul repeats, 'You are unique.'"
blades blunt  and people break men will hunt  we make mistakes   preyed on runts  its them we forsake we're just the grunts  and we work for snakes  who we should confront 
Have you ever seen a Flower A Single Blooms every Hour But when comes the shower They fight Instead of soaring up like a kite They became a revolting sight  Lowering themselves without delight
This class is really dumb. Time doesn’t seem to ever pass. But I’m starting to feel numb, to the idiocy of our class. Our teacher’s lessons seem muddled,
Jitters and shakes. Sitting unmovin.g To run for it and jump. To feel the sweet airs go rushing passed And the release of no control. Submergence, And quick kicks to reach the water's surface.
Go ahead, Knock me on the floor, And laugh your cruel laugh.   I will rise.  Better and stronger, With bones made of bronze, I will destroy everything about you.  
so many thoughts course through my heart it feels heavy, a burden, so i want you to take it, and keep it safe i look at the death around me and think the hatred of the world consumed you, I understand,
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