Don't text and drive

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Up Ahead Stands a figure A hooded figure. All around me is chaos, the screams from the Fields of Punishment Echoes in my head. His hand reaches to me. A soft smile that says
This is for you!Out of her magic box of colorful pencils,Orange she picks out.She draws a tiny orange on a scrap of paper.I look at the precious scrap and wonder.My role in her life is writing scripts –Scripts that make her bowels moveAnd take awa
Take the time, to look twice Even if you’re feeling not so nice There they could be, driving carefully Enjoying the view, without a clue But It is you, driving reckless  
The hydrant at the corner is missing, The windshield is red. Beneath the hood sounds a lot of hissing. A neighbor's dog barks off his head.   My friends in the back are cold While I'm still warm.
Heading to your destination  in the car i call it the modern horse we drive with our phones  they rode with a whip we drive with a heater and a very loud speaker They had nothing deeper
Why are we so in love with a culture we hate? We push and pull and try to seperate from the gadgets that we can't let go of. We sit with friends, real-life people, but we tap and scroll and like the posts we see on social
Opening my bleared eyes Not clear of what happened I feel sharp pains clawing at me Everywhere
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