alone in the night

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I died to sleep Perchance to dream To escape this old world With its horrors yet untold.   But, alas, I stirred For a frightful air Disturbed my slumber Causing me great despair.  
Some nights I lay restless As the wind, a common commuter, Having his travels through the trees Greetings to the leaves Down to the prickly grass A gentle pass To the stardust sky 
There is a time at night When the world has gone quiet Not a single sound is made And you are overwhelmed by it  
A long time ago, a wise sorcerer once told me that every night, from then on, I will soundlessly fall asleep and have a peacefully lucid dream of a far better world.  
MJ got out again tonight. My dad and brother take off in one direction on the long boards; I walk in the other   And you find yourself in the most peculiar situations.
Peacefulness, That’s what I feel. The night time is peaceful, But it’s not because it’s night. It’s because there is another world, It’s different from the day. The stars are shining,
all alone in the night the stars make it bright and bring back my sight when i'm alone in the night a moment to reflect on what i've done right
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