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Once Upon A Time There was a piper. Not just any piper, But a piper with a magical flute. As he played his flute, Children would follow, But what happened one day
The sweet, pure tone Turns to sorrow Painful emotions Are expressed Crying out
This piece of metal weak silver metal This useless piece... of shining metal. Why useless?
There is a world Where I was from Full of black, and white, and grey. But then I saw A silver line Come through on misty day. It's hard like steal,  But small and light
Rolling steps, feet in timeThis art, this love of mine"Find your dot," run it back Endurance, something I can not lackTooting tunes, forward slidesMaking sure our lines align Marching band is what I love"Woodwinds cut holes in your gloves!"Put on
Rocking with the beat of a thousand breaths My eyes following the language of symbols Synchronized with a hundred other masters My fingers moving quick and nimble    
An instrument you may be you hold souls of old and play the merry spirits of past days. You speak of sorrow, and of joy, and many emotions in between.   Your silver sheen reflects both
Silver wisps stream Soar Whirling through crisp air Embracing shadows Mysterious melodies fly in the moonlit sky Silent sounds surround A flautist’s silhouette dances across the snow
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