Broken Soul

This piece of metal

weak silver metal

This useless piece...

of shining metal.

Why useless?

There is no one

to play this beautiful

piece of metal.

This human

Flesh and bones

with a broken heart

and a broken soul

this worn down human.

This useless piece

of metal.

What do they

have in common?

They are both missing

missing pieces

Little broken human

listen to me now

This useless piece

of metal,

will help you somehow

Pick it up.

Feel the cool metal

in your hands.

The keys under

your fingers

and the hurt

in your soul

Oh poor little human

play a beautiful melody

make your broken soul

whole once more.

Take this precious

piece of silver

This beautiful flute.

and sing.

Sing little flute

let the world know

that you are not a

useless piece of metal.

Play my human.

for you are not broken

for with this piece of metal

you are whole once more.

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