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"Im afraid I won't complete what I've started, now my dreams are now nightmares my faith has departed,
" They say 'D' getting paper..., Not necessarily, cause I don't hip-hop for the Sara Lee, hip-hop bred though apparently comparing me to the average is parody, but please, Far from typical, unpredictable,
Painting life with the colors that God has given us, Taking red from roses, and using the tan from the pencil dust(shavings), taking green from the lily's vine, using the white from the Elephant's tusk,
"Are you giving up?, That can't be what I heard you say, it must be the month before MAY, it's APRIL fools day?, you gotta be joking, Cause I know you not about to quit,
Who am I? Can't really find a definition to describe, Infinite diction, with wisdom here on my side, with the mind of a Eighty- Five year old man, with the life span of twenty,
When I stare she stares back, turns around, gives her head that head pat, starts to look down, her self - esteem ain't quite "there" yet, telling her she's beautiful doesn't work as much,
"Pants sagging?,nigga this, nigga that, Whats happening?, is this how we portray black?, Killing each other, robbing one another my sistas and brothas, how are we suppose to move forward?,
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