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You know when your dad decides to move out on a whim? Yeah, then it's confirmed that you hate him He takes the dog, something that was keeping you hopeful, oh Willow
Turns out you never loved me After all this time So I guess it's back to being lonely That's okay... I don't mind
Poetry changed my life, Poetry set me free and let me fly, Poetry taught me to love myself and never cry, Poetry has forever changed my life.   Without poetry I would be caged,
Once she was yours..., She had lost, she had cried, She do care, she do trust, She was tired, she was trying, Everytime,Everyday....,
Run manipulators bitch fake ass muthufuckaz.  I see ya. It still all good. Nothing but love  just change or get ripped.  Mr Scott 2020 presidentcy
I've been out way too late with you Watching stars. You make me feel just enough You're good at keeping me where I'm at. What a thing we've become, you never know what's coming next.
Her heart is slowly dying. Her scars grow deeper and deeper. As she is no longer trying. Only watching the calamity beat her.   The fire surrounds her soul. She can no longer breathe, just take it in.
Today is the day I will be heard Today I will emerge out of this shyness I will let the world know I no longer will stand injustice!   Today is the day I will be heard Today I will say
Oh the anguish I feel in my spine Everytime you tell me "You do as I say". Yes, I was in your belly for nine months it seems,  But am I your puppet that you can control as you please?
I am from a small city with BIG DREAMS. I am from lost faith and lost hope. I am from pot heads and crack feens.
  As you bully her,
As light darkens, and the moon shines out With love on there shoulder, crying out With the thought of thankgiving coming, There will alway be joy.  There is no other love than the family love.  
  I am insane. Accept it or not. I am not the type to change just for any person. So don’t even try,  Because I will never alter.
How can one soul, Be filled with so much sorrow, Regret, And agony? So young, So beautiful, Everyone knew, Except for, The girl in the mirror, And the one who controlled her conscious,
I'm enveloped in the black abyss of nothingness, I can see everyone else up on the surface but I'm still stuck below, here alone, I can see everyone is trying to help me out,
I love fashion because it is like an extension of my personality and what kind of mood I'm in. It can invite people in and show the softer side of me. Our choice of clothes represent inner desires and emotions which we want to show or hide too.
We are undefined by words alone, the ones who stand, the rolling stones. They will say stand out in a crowd and try something newBut heaven forbid that you actually do.
Was this what it was to bound and confined? The unassailable destiny so bestowed upon thyne?
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