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The distance between us grow wider with each passing day. I keep exchanging my empty days with the nights, but these nights yield nothing but darkness stretching into emptiness. I don't see a single star in the vast sky above.
​In the lines on your palms God had writ my fate. Awake! And come to me, This night is not over yet. #muse
Moments Fall off from time, But before they can bloom, They're gone, leaving memories Behind. #cinquain_poem #musing #poetry
O Breeze! Write these whispers, On your wings, and convey To her in heaven; there she waits For me. #cinquain_poem #muse #poetry
The meaning Is so unclear And yet plain A true paradox This simple word It traps me Stabs me Gives me bliss Makes me feel As light as a feather It makes me vulnerable
I feel that I should write but I don't know what to say I'm not sure how I feel on this glorious day On one hand, it's good to be alive Then again, I can't seem to make up my mind  
Roses are red Violets are blue
I watch from inside as the afternoon breeze flows through The lush green leaves of the overhanging trees out front I hear from my desk the hum of airplanes flying high And the snap of the flag in the sky to the side
  Look up at the stars See the majesty about Wondrous gems of light  
He looked as if he was transported from a Druidic circle of stones during days long past.
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