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I Am, divinely where I Am, to BE at. I cannot rush My walk. Rather, I must seize My day, doing all I can, to BE the best version of Me that I can BE, in preparation of My Home coming.
Seven chakras, seven worlds, seven persons in one  Dreams, reflection, and reality cooperating track of time 
it is limitless.   a daunting white that bleeds through my vision like a veil casted over my eyes,  not so much translucent but opaque.   and like the images i catch a glimpse of in this world,
They give us a limit. They say, "Go far, but not too far." They say, "Go big, but not too big." They say you can only do so much. They say slow down, nows not the time. They say watch your limits.
I am a Mormon
Out there floating in the sky
I would change Love , Love would be free, Love would be open, Love would have no limits , Love wouldn't need approval from others, Love would need honesty , Love would have cherishing moments ,
it powers the writer to write one more line   it inspires the muscian to play one more time   it rages the soldier to take that front   it focuses the athlete
You say I’m limitless, but I must say, I disagree.  You tell me, “You can be anything you want to be.”  But again, I must say, “I’d have to disagree.”  I’m a limited human being.  I can only become “so free.”  I can only show bits of pieces of me.
What if you could evaporate in the sky And drift freely along the twists and turns of the winds current Travel miles upon miles over land Showering them with your condensed vapor
  Your impression That the world will harbor the Audacity to sever limbs from the whole truth Are gravely mistaken.   From now on, the whole truth, and nothing less! And in times of future toil,
"Don't do that" a common utterance of disempowerment A three word society on its own filled with expectation when the first mistake was made A sense of being unloved, peaking through a pessimistic lens of hearing
Theres Something Great In All Of Us,  Something We Dont Earn But is Born Within Us, Potential..  Potential  Change The Lives Of Others and Make A Difference In World Where We
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