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drip    drip   drip, crack   drip   drip   drip, puff
Dear Red Balloon, Just out of reach The faster I run The futher you are When I'm close enough to grasp your string you POP but I'm not sad I've been without you
balloons are full of helium, but they can only stay afloat for so long. eventually they deflate.   i am deflating. feelings escape like air.
I will hold you. For the sake of the rivers I swam to love you, I will hold you.   I will hold you, I know; forever. As that is the way of loving someone.   I will hold you, yes.
It always comes to this. I push away from you like a balloon batted by the wind from a frantic child trying to grab a hold of something they once took so simply Only to have it's cloud-coloured string 
You said I am like that feeling you get from letting go of a balloon, and watching it drift until it’s color vanishes. At first, it crushed me that you compared me
Dear Love I hope this note reaches you well. Maybe sometime after noon? So you will remember To look for me
Swollen, lumbering giants
Sitting on a stained dock Amidst the four winds Is the figure of a woman. Have you seen her before? Her dark locks lifeless As her body sits frozen. Her white dress stained With red.
One day, one day I shall make an air balloon. And in that air balloon I will fly away. Away from the ground where there is only hurt up into the air, just going around And in my air balloon
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