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the first time i hated myself, i was 9 years old. groups of soulless children followed me around the schoolyard calling me diseased ridden, disgusting, fat... the laughed as my tears splashed on the table at which i sat 
Turn around and face me, Face me for who I am. Because just as you I have woes, And just as you I struggle. Turn to me and wonder, Wonder as much as I do. Because just as you I think of others,
Wicked hearts so vast and hollow Heartless eyes set on the morrow Greedy, grasping, never to miss Hunger endless as an abyss   Twisting, turning, a tangled weave Washed on beaches of filthy eve
They always want more from youYou can never give them enoughYou can try your hardestAnd do you bestBut it will not be good enough to themThat is when you need to leave
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