one-sided love

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a feather at one’s nape:amidst that cocktail ofsound   sight      scenthis piqued some part of me;wafting, it beckonedand stroked my core.
Belac, my Belac, my unknowing Belac. . .    Did you know that the first time I saw you I knew there was something?  The wiff of your hair gel stayed with me Like smells that are meant to be remembered forever
I've never... Found a treasure... Like you... My Treasure, Sure is hard to here from you But it's fine I get busy too... Maybe one day we'll shine Mostly me since, you're mine...
I knew from even centuries before I met himI wanted to annoy that boy forever
Hey, Honey! You are the key to unlock my heart Your face is like an art I bet you never know because I never show what I really feel toward you for real But that's alright
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