When spring comes,

Fri, 05/01/2015 - 19:02 -- J'da

I knew from even centuries before I met him
I wanted to annoy that boy forever
He ran like a hooligan
Until the rain dried up and gave him fever

He and I; and for many times
Have played upon each other's fire
Then I'd feel like a mechanic
Begging for his forgiving tire

And I believed in how he could be king of the world
But I didn't specifically think that I meant for him to be king of my world
He danced with the mellow ghosts
And escaped my grasp just before my feelings were ever sold

But I met him again at the wooden door
He went out, I went in-- and with a smile he says, "Ho Jada, Jada! Stop scaring me."
I laugh with such glee, then his eyes avert from mine
I looked at what he stared at, only to see a buzzing bee




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