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Why Oh WHY ... ??? Would You ... " Turn A Blind Eye " ... ? To Things That Could Affect Your Life ... ? MP's Do It ALL The Time ... !!! But It's An English Thing So I'm NOT Surprised ...
Water pouring from the sky   Evading our dry space   Wearing down our homes and businesses   Erasing entire landscapes  
Shelter or imprisonment? Concealed behind the levees, the barriers, the walls promising the safety of an ignorant child.
110 Billion Dollar Date (Katrina’s Beauty) My name is infamous To strike fear in a southern voice. They had my number- Free to call, But chose the wrong choice. Date after date-
August 29, 2005 was a glorious day for New Orleans.  My white, picket fence home once stood there.  Now it is quite a scare. The damages have taken a mental and physical toll on my family.
I'm a visioner I see great things happening- Poetic Buildings  
Beauty is . . .
Clearly we’ve done something wrong, Or Mother Earth would not hate us so First week of school already dreaded But to add to our misery, she sent a curse On a Saturday night, my heart broken
The ground I walk is cold and wet under my feet. It trembles like the hands I reach out. Bodies shake around me. A scream. I run towards the sound of a lost little girl. Her crumpled body changes me.
It all goes black Your world has collapsed The wall u built has fallen No time to look back Find the memories Find the money Find the kids What of the dog To live or to die
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