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Water pouring from the sky


Evading our dry space


Wearing down our homes and businesses


Erasing entire landscapes  


Rivers flowed into our communities street


Emergency evacuation they stay on the tv but if i

Look in the finer details they offer no public transportation, Like open bird cage, to a bird

with clipped wings

Everyone who didn’t have a was on their own. With no help to


Fight the water, no help to fresh drinking water, no help to survive


They say we are looter, thieves and criminals When in our time of true need

They offer us bullets instead of water. they point their gun as citizen whom they are


Obligated to serve and protect? Or to treat us like unwanted cattle. Or treat us like the

worst than the mosquitoes treated

Dornell on the roof of Abbas’ store.(AD:After the Deluge)


It seem like not only water fall from the sky but so did the


Everstrong Gov’t failing to help it’s people

? How does a the home of the brave systems crumble under pressure of weather?

How is that the 9th ward not rebuild to this day but the downtown is? (trouble the water)

                                This question is rhetorical

Even the blind could see the why they didn’t build up 9th ward. The elite is why the city


Lights were up and cleaned in time of Mardi Gras. The elite is why? Not because

They care about their

People’s history because they care about people’s money filling their already overstuffed


United states but we are divided people one class over the other


Scott’s life is not as important as Leo’s life because be make more money than him?

(Trouble the water, A.D:After the Deluge)



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