love and hate

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This is a story about a little girl Who spent her childhood Caring for her siblings Loving them with great passion.   This little girl’s biological mother had a boyfriend He was abusive
Dear World,   Why do people always choose to hate Because someone isn’t their race Because they aren’t the right weight
I ponder my thoughts as hours fly by remembering what use to be our pastime. A game that brought us close together, a bowler and batsman eternally, forever.   Disregard for mother's intuition,
Think harder and you'll notice all the things I hate about you; the way you talk as if everything is so important; the way you act as though your words are rich
I wish I knew who I am I've just always been his wife His rock & friend So who would I be without him in my life? I miss him so much but its not what you think
Bursting at the seams With screeching pains of loss Broken hearts bitterly beat Full of deep regret
When love and hate collide,mixed emotions I couldn’t help but cryConfuses the soul I couldn’t hideAs I faced you that I already bid goodbye
there is a reason i lock my heart away. Put the cold shoulder up to those that try and pave a way. My mind is a constant battle played condemed with the burden of past reflection everyday and its tired of seeing the pain replayed.
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