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On an ebony vessel, like the sea, A pale girl floats past a star, Her face is basked in red light, she From all gravity is far.   She blinks stardust from light lashes,
"The sun was an angry little pinhead."   If the body is a temple, mine has been sacked. The sky's cruel torch forgot me on its way across the sky.
The future is there
My mind is suspended in a void where light and dark are too crude a concept to bear. My dreams are vivid depictions of candles and circles of mortals who chant my name. I stand without form before them, reaching out to cut their throats.
Once upon a time in a land so divine- Some man stood still on a city upon a hill. He'd stare down and wait for the stars to turn faint- Then the glass turned to sand and died the old man.  
The stars are falling around us yet all i can focus on is the sine of your eyes The floor trembling beneath us yet all i can feel is the beating of my heart Fires encompassing us yet all i can feel is the fiery passion of my love
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