The Spacegirl

On an ebony vessel, like the sea,

A pale girl floats past a star,

Her face is basked in red light, she

From all gravity is far.


She blinks stardust from light lashes,

And sheds a thin layer of ice from her skin.

A shooting star flashes—

As her heart beats again.


Spacegirl’s hair is shaved short and white,

Like a swan. Her skin so pale,

Like parchment, her veins show, dark as night.

Her eyes are black and tell a tale—


Of eons seen and eons gone.

Friends dead at the blink of an eye,

All but one,

And her star is next to die.


He glows red and dull,

When he used to be so bright,

She floats towards his lull,

To his weak and fraying light.


When he goes, she shall too,

For he and her are the only ones,

Left. And what is she to do,

When her last star is gone.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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