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I keep my head down while dark thoughts create a storm in my head. The black velvet sky blots out the burning sun. I don't know why I'm still here. My want for breathing is receding and my heart is bleeding for a love
I fell between the cracks beneath the cement sidewalk I tried to keep from breaking my fall, but I couldn't hold on No one knew I was lost, gone without a trace No one called my name
They say you always know which kids have no dad You know the ones always starting something, doing bad, roaming streets, making trouble, proving the stats right. Now Uncle Sam trying to keep them in his sight
Deadbeat number one. You walked out of my life before I even got to learn what your skin smelt like.I'm sure if I dug way back in my locked away, too young to remember, 
  A Brother None The Less             Glorious and proud             My friend, my crony             Having climbed the Apex of life
  Via Red, White, and Everlasting Blue             Flapping wings             It plays in games             Side to side             So it says  
He played me like a cello soft and sweet   until the finale.   The high notes whined and the low notes dragged on, on, on.   The finale was agonizing.  
Breathing Just Fine             Held under water             Gazing upon him             We fight for a way out             The sea blue runs black            
I thought you put the best in me,But you really just tested me. I thought you wanted us,Instead I want to cuss. I thought you really wanted me,But I guess you just want to be free.
Peotry Peotry is my emotion Poetry is my expressions Peotry is my diary Peotry is me Now what is poetry to you ?
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