I don't know

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When the dreamer’s dream, where do they go? It’s not that field of yellow flowers. There are no happy endings in this story. To dream is to lie. To lie is to sin.
I've got creatures caged in my mind.If I look, they are easy to find.To others though, is not so clear.They only hear what I let them hear.Most of the time these creatures are tame.
Where do you go when you have no one to turn to? When the lines of love you had, you've simply burned through... What do you do when hearts lie broken, shattered particals like sand...
We are always touchingBut never meetingI wipe the tears that are stainingCan we give it another tryI'm not ready to say goodbyeWhy do endings always hurt the most
21 killed in Chicago 20 killed in New York 19 Killed in Sacramento 18 Killed with a fork 17 wandering the streets 16 laying in the sheets 15 talking with their friends 14 stay until the end
For me, it's just a bad day When I feel like I am worthless  When my stomach drops to talk When I can't bear to move And break the comfort of my silence I don't want to be silent
I don’t know how to do math, and I don’t know how to do science either, but I want to, because I like the idea of science and math,
I see it in the stage lights It is in the strains of the tuning orchestra It is in the scuff marks of character shoes It is in the dog-eared, battle worn, script Highlighted to hell and back  
A whirlpool of emotions sometimes too hard to keep up with. A heart repairman
Lost you when we were running through the 6, God drained me of this energy there ain't no tellin' when I'm going to be back from this 9 to 5 job now I'm throwing 10 band up in the club I guess I'll be a legend when I wake the f*&% up star67 m
It’s around 8:30 I’m guzzling soda like beer My room is kind of dirty But I forgot to care It’s been hard to care lately
I have entered knowledge's home, college for my-sakes!
I am a perfect puzzle. A miserable mish-mash of jagged jigsaw edges that never seem to match up. An array of sudden splashed colors that do not make sense.Unless you painstakingly,
I don't know Am I suppose to care I don't know Sometimes life is too hard  I don't know I want to flee but i can't I don't know I wish it was easy but it's not I don't konw
Who am I? Where should I go? Where have I been? Who do I know? What have I seen? How do I grow? You tell me, I don't know?    
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