Creatures Caged in My Mind

I've got creatures caged in my mind.
If I look, they are easy to find.
To others though, is not so clear.
They only hear what I let them hear.
Most of the time these creatures are tame.
In fact, I've given several a name.
There's love and joy and humor and glee
And sorrow and guilt all living in me.
But some are not so easy to identify,
Look-alikes or hybrid and some just lie.
And once in a while, they'll put up a fuss,
Causing an awful tumultuous ruckus.
The only way to calm them down
Is to let them out to wander around.
So amid the screeches, I unlock the cage.
But something happens that’s rather strange.
It continues to wail and moan and cry
But it hides in the corner as if it’s shy.
I try and try to remove the thing
But it stays stuck like a chain on a ring.
So eventually, dejected I have to give up.
That's why, when I text you, I just say what's up.
I've got creatures caged in my mind
And there are some I'm hoping you'll find

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