American Flag

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  For I stand alone...   I pledge Allegiance to the flag  This country was so beautiful and proud
"Would everyone please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance."These are words I hear every day.And every day I watch my classmates standand salute a flag that waves for this countrypledging loyalty.
All’ hail the Star-Spangled Banner, A piece of cloth that’s hit  the slammer, This American Flag- freedom flying proud, This tapestry of idealism, disavowed, Where Red and Blue stripes should stream in solidarity,
This country has its history One that is forever stitched into the flag That flies high, swaying to each breeze that passes by But can it ever be great to those who live every day
    Red is for the blood Red for all those who’ve bled for freedom White is for nothing Nothing that anybody has done to ensure the freedom of all
Hand over heart, head lifted to Old Glory. A flicker, a single thought, crosses my mind. I remember, I remember when ash rained down like new fallen snow,
What is freedom? The knowledge to do what you want to do, The wind blowing through your hair, The view of an American Flag waving on a warm summer evening,
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