Goodbye American Flag- My Freedom Flying Friend

All’ hail the Star-Spangled Banner,

A piece of cloth that’s hit  the slammer,

This American Flag- freedom flying proud,

This tapestry of idealism, disavowed,

Where Red and Blue stripes should stream in solidarity,

Where Fifty stars should stand together in unity,

The Flag lays broken, in a trash bin,

As Red fights Blue, in a war of attrition, 

The Fifty Stars scatter into these colored war camps,

As each star leaves, our democracy damps.

Now let us see where they stand,

These vengeful Colors that stain our land:


Let’s go first to the camp of Red,

Where fear and racism often tread,

Where minorities are denied their rights and land,

And immigrants are denied a helping hand,

Red’s occupants are filled with misguided rage,

‘Alternate facts’ trap them in a mental cage,

Reds pulled astray by crony leaders,

Who make fake news for gullible readers,

Blaming foreigners for stealing Red’s jobs,

Red quickly forms into angry mobs,

The cronies profit from Red’s bitter anger,

So, they eagerly let Red’s hatred fester.


Now let’s go to the camp of Blue,

Who helped this hatred to accrue,

With their coastal preference and elitist snobbery,

Blue let Wall Street get away with robbery,

Despite Blue’s dogged focus on inclusion,

They drive other people to exclusion,

It’s not wrong to fight for rights,

But don't ignore others in your sights.

Red may be different and untame,

But ultimately Blue-

You are the same.


Now they battle these embittered brothers,

A war that can produce only losers,

America's flag rips and tears in half,

As billionaires creep into our congressional staff,

These crooks don’t care a dime about the war or the Rest,

Democracy fails the economic distribution test,

Our president is a fool who fights for glory,

Lies and trickery compound his story,

He’s historically Blue, but he now hides in Red,

Bragging about each woman he takes to bed,

His tiny hands rip apart Dear America,

As he sells our country- to Mother Russia.


Pray for them both: Blue and Red,

And wish they can make peace instead,

Cuz in the end they are both a victim,

Of an increasingly undemocratic system,

Goodbye our freedom flying Flag,

Now your nothing but a tattered rag. 

This poem is about: 
My country


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