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I am a child of God, Lord hear my prayers but am I the one not listening I try to figure out the game yet I struggle and cave  I know I am not perfect but isnt that what you came for
Keep your eyes on Jesus, He'll lead you all the way. Keep your eyes on Jesus, From His path never stray.   Keep your eyes on Jesus, Don't turn your head aside, Keep your eyes on Jesus,
He Who Reign   We started as dust In god we trust I  was saved from the sin It’s God who has the power within
I had not known mercy.   18 years of abuse cheated out of love care protection sanity.   The asylum didn't know mercy either. March was cruel with
Death is kind. Death is quick. Death is colorblind. Death is a warm embrace. Death is something I once yearned for in an unholy matter. Death is an incident I do not try to fight or reason with.
Everyone shares, but not everyone cares. Poor child putting her heart out for the vultures.Just for a stroke of approval.Why?Because society says approval is needed. Human nature says approval is needed. 
Today I was almost pushed over the edge. Lost a friend. The knife is still in my back and I'm still bleeding. My heads is spinning wild.  I just can't seem to understand how to go on anymore.
I lounge around, frowning and pouting fretting about the past's improbable effects on the future. I look back into the past as I walk forward, stumbling down on obsticals I could of manuvered.
There is oneWho sings over me as I sleep,Who is excited to spend the day with me,Who loves to see me smile. I wake up renewedIn wonder of my GodDelighted to pour my adoration on Him.
I'm supposed to be the solider  who never blows her composure. 
The Pew     Sitting in the pew at church you reached over and held my hand. When you did this HOPE is what I felt. 
He wakes up the sun to shine on the morning He raises up the moon  to shine through the night He keeps me safe and he holds me close and with his love all things are right
A situation of dire need and stress On a deserted island a man is found as a mess He has nothing neither here nor there Except a ragged old book he has as spritual fare Should he read such a despised old text?
They said I can't live without food, so I told them I live by the bread of life They said I can't live without water, so I told them I know a well that never runs dry
We all struggle, sin , lust, and fall But theough it all, theres is one name we can call Jesus Christ, in his name you can rest Let him open your eyes, to see how you are blessed
you are the key to my heart the lover of my life even when am so down depressed in the ghetto your love will always lift me up   people may call me names but i dont care what they say as long as am with you
I am a broken girl, sorry, I was a broken girl. I was beaten down and pushed away, Forced into a corner and left to break. The walls, oh how they caved in around me
Shadder my innocence, Erase my love song The secret is written black and blue. How did so right turn out to be so wrong? This is the story of me and you.   Only these walls
Imagine love as you've dreamed it to be; a glittering grin, a bouquet of roses, perhaps picnics in the park accompanied by laughter.
There have been days when my prayers didn't seem so close to heaven and days when people questioned my faith and the name Christianity foreign to them, but I've seen people play on both sides of the fence
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