accepting oneself

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I have never really been considered an open book, But because you love me, I have learned to open my front cover, And let my insides spill everywhere. Because I love you I don’t mind being a mess,
My imperfections They lie beneath Veins and arteries and flesh I have locked them behind The solidified bars of my ribs They reach out through the spaces And try to lock lips with confidence
"Better to be bright and alone than dull and in dreary company."
I am of my own breed To be unique Is not a passion, To be unique comes and never leaves, To be unique is always with you, To be unique moves with me, like the seas.   I am of my own breed
An isolated reflection It is you, exactly you Clouded by perception Sensational brown eyes Wish they were blue Kinky curls reaching for the sky Hair refuses to stay straight
  Remove from me this veil that hides the reflection of my soul. As the grey ivy cloaks the mirror, my knife escapes me. The wolf inside me howls for air. My amber heart cannot live in such bondage.
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