"Better to be bright and alone than dull and in dreary company."

Did Ophelia go softly to her death?
Is she in a child's sleep,
Or does she now scream
And tear at her skin
As she burns, keening and gnashing
For all to hear? oh God
I beg that it should stop!
Her banshee's caterwaul haunts, no,
Plagues my lonely wistful nights;
Fair Ophelia... could you have been saved?

The light of Ophelia is a light of mine,
Oh God, do not liken me to she!
My light is not the glimmer of fire
Nor the jolly dance of shadow
Cast by my haloed fire burning bright,
In darkness seen as bitter spite;
The blaze in my heart has gone cold,
Frigid with the callous image bold,
Fair Ophelia, burning now, her tears and cries,
Unheard by the world she abandoned to die.

Her grief is mine -- alack, bittersweet,
Pale and distant as starlight,
Millions of eons away from the world,
Seen only in the dark of night--
Marvel, awe! The thousand suns of utopia!
Tell a distant and bleak story of their doom,
From power and might they were fairly hewn,
Only to die, buried in their tombs,
Are you among those heavens, Ophelia?
Do you dance in twinkling light?
For your footsteps lock with mine,
This deathly and gruesome waltz
Carries me to you;
Ever have we looked to the stars
To beg of our hopeless fate,
Only now do I come to depart
From the land of dust and hearts.

Do I become forsaken light,
Unremembered silhouette of night?
In vain dreams that the land below
Peer up and see my shine?
When have the eyes of Man
Ever looked to the glint of heaven?
Gold glitters as well as the crystal cool
Glow of the stars;
No, no... I will not be remembered,
And so too does Ophelia stand

Fair Ophelia, my heart becomes stone,
For I could not spare you,
I begged him to pardon your crimes,
But he sat aloof on his throne.

You will be forgotten, Ophelia,
For my tears are wiped away
And sorrow flees from light,
But do not forget me, Ophelia,
Please, do not forget.

I see now the truth.
Good-bye, Fairest Ophelia,
Be all my sins remembered.

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My family
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