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Through the hollows, into the grey Across the rolling hills of pain Run all night till the darkest day. When shadows behind the mists play Charge forward to the silent rain
So close to death, I’m already decomposing So close to life, My heart has barely stopped beating
Softest petals, red as blood, blossoming with hate and love. Lying in a bed of snow that bends and weaves, that blooms and grows.  
Have you ever found yourself in the state when you're asleep but still aware of your surroundings? It's kind of like limbo between two worlds, not fully involved in either of them. But what if you were constantly in that state?
One thing is all things
two months have passed. dinner is waiting, gratingall this on my mind. nothing has passed. I'm like a lightbulb fading.I was in it to win it but nothing came with it and now I'm just sitting alone.
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