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Nou pa fèt pou nou vòlè Se youn nan 10 kòmandman Ke Bondye te ba nou. Si nou bezwen la pè Fòk nou swiv 5 premye liv 10 komandan an
Each day it's the same It's a constant mental game   Do I work for the almighty coin? Is that where happiness and comfort join?   Does the value really exist in a dollar?
Hand a dollar to your neighbor if she's ever in needShare a smile with a stranger when his endeavours succeedTake a cloud from the storm and make the lonely a new friend
Cancer strikes without a sound, My friends life was laid down. Not to see a day past sixteen, So much talent was left unseen. I hugged his mom as she cried. Watching everyone say their goodbyes.
It's just for practice. Made for perfect.Clock the time, that's for working.Play the game call it sporting.Mail it in, importing.Pressing concern, important.
They say the world revolves around money. I think that you don't need money to be happy, but in order to be happy you have to be set financially. The world is too cruel to those who have nothing,
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