Actions then the Inexhaustible source of Magic

Hand a dollar to your neighbor if she's ever in need
Share a smile with a stranger when his endeavours succeed
Take a cloud from the storm and make the lonely a new friend
Throw a wave at your enemies give broken ships a mend.

If I am to change the world today I'll make it so we are kind
Our smallest problems needing bandaids, like a wound that is benign
We'd respect the next to walk on past no matter shape or size
We'd focus on what we've done best, not our lows, just highs.

One thing that we all should know is nothing can be changed,
Unless we start before tomorrow, that day is today
Words may be our "most inexhaustible source of magic" according to Dumbledore
I agree and recognize this quote at once, except I know that there is much more.

We must start by taking action
To get the world's attraction




Thank you!!!!

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