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I unlock and open my front door, Throw my shirt and bra on the floor, Replace my pants with pajama shorts, Slip into one of my oversized t-shirts, Cuddle up under my covers and sheets,
My lashes cast off a bitter spell;my nails have bled – dripping with everycolorless sob,when I brushed them through the sunlit clouds . . .Where I was born under the rose bushes soil -- 
I’m quite offended by a tree that refuses to grow. Placed squarely in the midst of a quiet caricature that hangs, framed, in this rigid life, as the singular people travel their chosen axes.  
I wear my restlessness  Beneath my eyes I am restless Restless from heartache  Watching my loved ones fade away And letting others do me wromg Restless because I am afraid
If only I could live But Happily Ever After Is a myth in itself.
The mind races millions of thoughts as the moon rises-- questions unanswered-- curiosity.   Energy exists where energy is naught-- adrenaline rush. So many things to do
We like to get drunk and go terrorize the town,
5 am in June There is something romantic About 5 am In June The night is not over But it is not quite Day The sun Is trying to wake up As the birds
Shelter disdainful epiphanies behind latched heart For pity to sneakily evaporate And emotions grow painfully tart To mediate the dormant desire into blossomed state.   Drag Restless on her knees;
  A pungent aroma of pencils Crisp crackle of paper Small talk by the lockers Deafens us to sweet summer’s tune   Schoolroom walls replace Boundless fields And White boards
An average teenage boy Clunks along the street With his Converse laces Flipping from side to side Catching under the worn soles
Down deep under, The pressure is crushing me. It's hurting to breathe. I'm scared. I don't know what to do. I don't even know what's going on. But it's all too compact with the walls closing in.
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