Let Me Explain the Bags Under My Eyes

Mon, 05/23/2016 - 16:38 -- tgomez

I wear my restlessness 

Beneath my eyes

I am restless

Restless from heartache 

Watching my loved ones fade away

And letting others do me wromg

Restless because I am afraid

Of the unwritten story that lies ahead 

and wondering how it will end

Restless from the nights of no sleep 

When my eyes are closed but my mind runs wild

Yes, my restlessness lies beneath my eyes 

My big brown glassy eyes

Eyes that tear

Eyes that cry

I am restless

from the tears

But I still wear my restlessness 


The tears dry up 

The pain goes away 

I'm restless? No, resilient 

And that's how I'll stay 

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