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It doesn't make it less a war on women just because you think I'm wrong Because you think we’re at fault That this is the story of murders getting what they deserve, but for what
I, too, matter   I am the unborn daughter. The one with the heartbeat. The one without a life. But my heart still beats,
U.S.A, the red, white, and blue The land of opportunity. But not for me and you.
Am I a Republican or a Democrat a liberal or a conservative am I for gay rights or against gay rights
Stop the silent killing, everyday thousands are dead. Mass genocide, no one even cares. Spirits are unsettled, lying in purgatory. Some mothers are left unwell, others take it as "oh well".
The Cold on my feet As I walk to your fate...
I will not be satisfied  until I can leave my home wearing whatever I please whenever I please and not be worried about who I may provoke.    I will not be satisfied until I know
First. I dream. Not just to dream, But to imagine the world How I wish it would seem. Secondly. I speak. Not just to speak, But to show how I am Far from weak.
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