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Every time now I come home Her inviting eyes on me from the window. Vibrations rise from her tiny throat, calling for my attention, making me feel whole.   She is my greatest friend, who would never
It seems my eye has caught a stranger Lurking in the dark My eyes may often lie But i’m sure this time
I've been a member of Power Poetry for Three Years and Nine Months. And I dont have a single poem on this website. Why? Because I'm paranoid
I didn’t believe I could watch without looking. To hear as though deceit is authentic. To be able to see what my mind feels while staring at what is truly real.   Scenarios make their presence known in the
The taste of despair slowly passing through my lips as I swallowed. Into the dark alley people joke and smoke blowing air onto my shoulders. Where are you from you don't belong here written a long the walls.
Im feeling all the fears I feel dead inside I need a pen and paper and a thing of cyanide
Behind my smiles My good deeds My leadership My love for others Behind the eyes of those who look highest of me Who seek my guidence Behind all that i am I am paranoid
Well I've been sitting around lately
Look beyond me  Look right through me  See the things  I have always seen   I am more than just  An object of lust  I am a powerful being  Ending the reign of kings
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